Fierce Training is your best resource for firearm training in johnson county and iowa city ia. 








Mike Sieverding can teach you the safest and most efficient way to use firearms in life and death situations.
Mike Sieverding has over a decade of law enforcement training.
Mike Sieverding has an indoor and outdoor gun range to teach you firearm skills that will save you and your family from harm.
Call or email Mike at Fierce training to set up your group or private firearms training.
FIERCE Training is your source for all your firearm training in the Johnson County Iowa.
Calendar of Events

Click on Calendar of Events  for the full monthly class schedule offered by FIERCE TRAINING.  If you don't see a class that you want or a class is not offered at a time that is convenient, please contact us via email and we can try to set up a time that would work for your schedule.  If you want training in a particular discipline of firearms training that you don't see in our class listing, give us an email and we can probably design a course for your specific needs.



Carry Permits

Now is the time to make sure that your carry permit certification is up to date.  If you have questions about current carry laws, please contact us.

Winter Training

Don't let the cold stop your firearms training.  Check out our Winter Training course and see what we offer to keep your skills sharp during the cold months.

Minnesota Permit

With recent changes to Minnesota law you can no longer use your Utah non-resident permit to carry in Minnesota.  Come get your MN permit to carry with FIERCE Training.


Not seeing what you need?  Give us an email and we can see if we can help you out.


Check out our current selection of videos to get an idea of what FIERCE TRAINING is all about.  We take great pride in designing and building the best training scenarios that are realistic and effective.

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Products and Services

Not only does FIERCE TRAINING offer a wide range of firearms and safety classes, but we also can help you set up and maintain your firearms to ensure years of consistent and reliable service.

Give us an email about your particular firearm and we can let you know if it's a model that we have experience with.  If we don't work with that firearm, we can put you in touch with businesses that we trust to help you out.

Give fierce training an email today. Check out the fierce training facebook page for the latest course news as well as posts about firearm issues. Check out Mike's accomplishments and what all he has been involved in lately. Check out mike on fierce training twitter to read his latest posts on firearms in the united states and the world.

FIERCE TRAINING absolutely does not condone the use of firearms, or any weapon for that matter, in the action of being reckless, committing any crime, and putting the welfare of law abiding citizens in jeopardy.  We stress extreme safety in the handling of any weapon at any time, no matter what level of experience you have.  You are responsible for your actions when handling any weapon while watching or using any products or services from our website.  Remember that all weapons behave differently and that it is YOUR responsibility to know exactly how to operate your weapon safely.  If you are not sure, please contact your local weapons retailer or law enforcement agency.  Remember: SAFETY FIRST.

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